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Outreach Initiative


A community where we as musicians could help reach out and enable not just an outlet for creativity in today’s highly connected world but address the larger issues of mental pandemic using music as a healing path.

Enabling leadership through music

Created during the pandemic times 2021, Music worlds group-based music learning program enables children from under-resourced schools to tell the stories of their dreams and communities. Through enabling children to write original songs and hosting performances online, the program enables healing through music during these difficult times.

Our Curriculum

Music Worlds curriculum is comprised of three key aspects:

1. Singing and Performance 

Developing the building blocks to any form of creative exploration around music, a repertoire of songs incorporating the knowledge fundamentals, exploring different musical styles, genres and cultures. 

2. Knowledge Fundamentals 

Learning the tools of discipline to understand sound and music, i.e., vocabulary, elements, concepts and principles.

3. Synthesis

Learning how to connect and appreciate music’s role and influence on different literature, as well as about different artists and relate knowledge and personal experiences to understand themselves through music.

Music therapy

What is Music Therapy? Not a very commonly heard term in our side of the world. In simple words, music therapy is expressing thoughts and feelings through music by writing songs and working on compositions. 

The program entails about 12 lessons between August and October. Each session is for approximately 30-60 minutes. Students participate in an online mid-year community concert, and an end of year public concert. These concerts would have fundraisers to enable and motivate children with prize money to buy a music instrument or have funds to take classes by professionals In the field to pursue music.

This culminating concert is designed as a platform for the students to perform their own original songs that tell the stories of their communities.

Outreach Initiative: Welcome

Healing through music workshops

Due to privacy laws and rules this video is just a sample of the workshops with underprivileged children.

Outreach Initiative: Video
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